Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buried Treasures: The Shop My Closet Challenge

It just so happens that today is the 2 year anniversary of my lil' ol' blog. You can partake in my embarrassment here. They grow up so fast, don't they?

I was planning on doing a year in review, but (if we haven't noticed by my lack of posts lately...) I am short on spare time, and while I'd LOVE to go through all my old pictures and put together a little montage-y thing for you, I know I'd just be making a promise I can't keep.

I DO on the other hand have a new challenge that I will be starting today :)
If you're addicted to the shopaholic series of books (a super quick & fun read!) you already know that in the most recent installment Rebecca Brandon (née Bloomwood) is on a shopping ban until she wears EVERYTHING in her closet. I have decided to partake in said challenge as well. I already have a spreadsheet (my OCD goes a little crazy here!) of all the items in my closet, so I will be using that as a starting point to make sure EVERYTHING GETS WORN BEFORE I SHOP AGAIN! If I honestly can't make a piece work, it will be donated. I'll make a post dedicated to my spreadsheet eventually for those of you who are also Type A's!

Wish me luck :)

fur trim vest - Old Navy (2010); vintage blouse - thrifted (2011);
skinnies - Smart Set (2010); boots - Spring (2011)

Ways I've worn this Fur Trimmed Vest...
fur trim vest


  1. That sounds like a fun challenge! What happens with your clothes that is only appropriate for summer? It wouldnt be fun waiting till summer to shop again!

  2. That green blouse is gorgeous! You look super fabulous. The fur collar just makes it extra chic. Goodluck with your goals!

  3. That sounds like the best challenge! Good for you!! Keep us posted with how it goes :)

  4. @natasha: hmmmm a conundrum indeed... i guess I'll just have to put some serious remixing and layering skills to work! ... i have so many clothes it would probably last until the spring anyways! haha

  5. What a great furry vest and yes I must wear everything in my closet before I do more shopping because it's getting crazy! Yay for 2 years- just checked out your first post- what cute costumes!

  6. I kind of did this a few years ago, I mean the part where I wear everything in my closet .
    I emptied my closet and took all the clothes to ANOTHER room and then just started "filling up" my closet with the clothes that I had worn and then washed and decided to keep- it took me quite a while.
    The problem was I kept on shopping while doing this.


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