Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BT & An Overshare.

So apparently, dogs get periods. Who knew, right?
(can we detect my self-directed sarcasm?)

My procrastination bites me in the ass again. For those of you with female puppies - don't wait too long after they turn 6 months. Now poor coco will be in her uncomfortable (yet hilarious!) diaper for a few days and I'll have to wait 3 months to get her spayed. *siiigh* Maybe this will finally teach me to stop putting things off.

am I an awful mother for posting this? haha, she just looks so confused at the whole situation.

Oh right... the whole fashion blog thing...
Picture 001
shirt - Suzy Shier (2009); vest - H&M (2011); skinnies - Smart Set (2010);
flats - Steve Madden (2009)

Picture 007
nugget wrap bracelet - Stella & Dot (2011); watch - Guess (2010);
La Coco Chain - Stella & Dot (2011)

Sadly, I didn't have enough pictures of either the vest or button down to do a "Ways I've worn"... its a good thing they're finally getting some camera time!


  1. Aww poor thing! She looks pitiful, but yeah, sounds like time for someone to get spayed!

    Love this classic menswear look. the oversized watch and 'arm party' makes it very fun. This is a really great look on you.

  2. aww poor pup, girl problems are the worst!

    ..on another note...I love you outfit! it's the perfect mix of laid back, yet still has that too cool for school vibe. i love your watch too!

  3. I used to babysit for a couple who would ask me to change their dogs pantyliners when the pup was on her period. Dead serious.

    Love your button up!

  4. Lol!!! That's adorable n funny. But poor puppy, hopefully she doesn't get PMS with her periods.

    Looking good btw.

  5. Haha oh dear! WHen I was younger, we always got our family pets spayed/neutered as soon as they were old enough so I've never encountered this little problem. She looks so confused by her little diaper.

    In other news - cute outfit!


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