Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Buried Treasures: Winners Cardigan

I definitely don't feel as inspired in this one, but we all have off days.
What I love about this outfit is my hair What I don't like is the silhouette I'm creating with this long sweater, wide jean combination.

Picture 008
Picture 005
tee - Zara (2010); cardigan - Winners (2011); jeans - Dynamite (2010);
belt - Smart Set (2010); shoes - Madden Girl (2009)

Keeping: tee, jeans, belt
Purging: shoes. they're cute, but I think it's a donate now.
Debating: long sweater

I scoured my lookbook but couldn't find multiple outfits in which I wore any of these pieces besides the jeans... I think that means I didn't choose these pieces well when I bought them!

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  1. The sweater is my favorite paaart. But I think I know what you mean, sometimes too many long pieces and wider jeans don't always create the best shape, and you've got a great figure!


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