Monday, March 29, 2010

Whatcha doin? Nothin, chillin at the holiday iiinnnnn

Still a crazy week... I promise things will get more frequent and interesting once I get through this last little bit of the year!

Worn Wed, Mar. 24th:
Where? Class Presentations
sweater - Esprit (2009)
blouse - Ricki's (2008)
jeans - Smart Set (2008)

Worn Sat, Mar. 27th:
Where? Trent Business Formal
dress - Guess (2006)
cardigan - Costa Blanca (2007)
heels - Urban Behaviour (2010)
earrings - Pickering Flea Market (2010)

So my picture taking skills SUCK. How did i not manage to get a full length pic during the evening? No idea. That first photo is from me randomly taking pictures trying to decide what to wear. Go team me.
Anyhoo, the handsome devil in that second pic is the boy... ain't we cute? The night turned out to be a blast. I was skeptical after last year, it was at a bar, but this year they had it in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn, complete with prom-esque photo ops and limo service. Go Trent Business.



  1. You look bodacious in that first photo!

    I answered your LASIK question via comment at my blog. Thanks for commenting on the jeans! I wondered if anyone would notice :)


  2. Looking very pretty! I love the red belt on the first picture. Are you playing scrabble? XD lol

  3. I love the outfit in the first pic, those jeans are just perfect! Glad you had fun, the dress is very cute as well!


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