Thursday, March 4, 2010

a laid back kinda post

It's been a pretty chills kind of week. I feel like for the first time in months I can actually take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy myself. AND The weather's finally starting to warm up, I think it was actually 5 degrees out today :) Yay for March!

On the flip side though, I've been without a camera since Monday, so I've been hesitant to post because... well then that's it. lol. But its been a while... maybe I'll end up doing a closet post or something along those lines instead... hmmm indeed.

Worn Sun, Feb. 28th:
tee - Dynamite (2009)
belt - Value Village (2010)
jeans - Silver (2006)
flats - Aldo (2009)

Worn Mon, Mar. 1st:
sweater - Dynamite (2008)
tee - Costa Blanca (2009)
skirt - Urban Planet (2009)
tights & socks - Ardene (2009)
mary janes - Spring (2009)


  1. The second outfit is too cute. Are those ribbons on your socks?

  2. Love the loose-fit of the top in the first picture!

  3. I love the mary-janes with socks - so sweet! I know, I'm so excited it's March it's like 30 here and I feel like it's practically shorts weather!

  4. Love the way you tied in the white sweater with the white socks.

  5. LOve those white socks with the maryjanes on you.I bet everyone loved this look on you


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