Saturday, April 3, 2010

on the bank of the otonabee

I've realised that I have just under a month left in Peterborough, so I should probably find a few classically peterborough locations to show off in my pictures before I leave.

These were taken on the west bank of the Otonabee River just north of the zoo. It's SO pretty and the weather has been just gorgeous lately so I couldn't resist.

Worn Tues, Mar. 30th:
Where: Classes & Group Meetings

sun glasses - flea market (2010)
cardigan - BCBG (2009)
tee - F21 (2008)
jean skirt - Urban Behaviour (2009)
tights - Ardene (2009)
heels - Guess (2007)

A gentleman in my causes of war class told me my pink shoes didn't go with my jean skirt. I'm not quite sure how something doesn't "go" with jeans, so I have to disagee completely... but you can't help but have the random comments people make about your appearance stick with you. Stupid boys.

Anyhoo, hope you're all having a fabulous long weekend and enjoying the beautiful weather!


  1. I think they're super cute shoes! And I love the tights. Boys are just silly.

  2. I love the tights and the unexpected pink shoes! chic~!

  3. The tights are hot love em!

  4. "Stupid boys" lol

    You look great and you know it.


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