Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Danger Girls love Leather Jackets

*Title courtesy of Sir Elton John

I feel like I have been completely spoiled with all the nice weather we've been having. Today it was ACTUALLY warm enough to go out in a blazer with a little hidden cardi underneath (that post will come eventually!). But anyways, that's saying a lot. I'm the individual who brings a sweater when it's 30 degrees** outside, so we're talking nice.

Worn Mon, Mar 8th:
jacket - Danier (Thrifted 2008)
button up - yde (2009)
long sleeved tee - F21 (2009)
belt - Costa Blanca (2009)
jeans - Guess (2007)
flats - Aldo (2009)

This outfit actually came about because I'm out of clean clothes. A lot of my outfits this week are kind of a random jumble. But anyhoo, I thrifted this jacket way back in the fall of 2008 and had NEVER worn it. So while it's kind of an off combination, I thought it went enough to wear the jacket.

And it actually worked out quite well that I was in jeans and flats considering this is what transpired at Circle K that day:
Good Times.

**EDIT: Celsius! I should probably start specifying, eh? (That's the Canadian in me coming out!) So 10 is around 50 and 30 would be close to 86 Fahrenheit.

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  1. Hee! That jacket is a great thrifted item! your flats are super cute too.


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