Wednesday, March 17, 2010

pulling things out of the back of the closet...

Happy St. Patrick's Day and all that jazz...
I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of over the whole lets get drunk and act foolish thing, but unfortunately my friends haven't, which doesn't leave me with too much to do today. Stupid "holiday." Ah well, it IS after all the last month of my University career, so maybe i should start a paper or two? Yeah, maybe.

Worn Thurs, Mar. 11th:

blazer - Ricki's (2009)
dress - DVF (ebay 2008)
socks - Ardene (2010)
boots - Franco Sarto (2009)

This dress is another piece I purchased and never wore... that's one of the great things about personal style blogs, after a while they kind of force you to dig into the back of your closet and pull out things you thought would never work for you.


  1. super cute! lol, i know what you mean, i've been a lot more fashion conscious since i started i'm wearing stuff i've had for years (as well as new stuff, lol)

  2. Cuute! I know those days where you dig through old stuff to find something "new" again. The dress is a cute piece. I like how you've paired it up.

  3. Fabulous dress and I love the boots with it!

  4. Haha... I love the sarcastic attitude of this post. And your pose matches perfectly :)

  5. Love those boots!

    Your comment about personal style blogs is so true...they have inspired me so much!

  6. I love your incredible booties and that pretty floral dress!


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