Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Shoes Boycott?

I'm really sad. My beloved over the knee boots that I have been waiting patiently for just simply aren't coming.

I wouldn't be so frustrated except for the fact that they were ordered over 2 weeks ago, and I'm just finding this out now... and all they said was "whoops, our bad." no explanation, no I'm sorry, no omigosh come in and we'll refund you... nothing. I'm now on hold with customer services.
I feel like I have every reason to be upset. This is a store I shop at on an almost weekly basis. The girls recognize me when I come in for gosh sakes, and they couldn't be a lil more apologetic? Whatever happened to good customer service?
I think a Peterborough Spring Shoes Boycott is in order.


  1. Aww that sucks so much. I'd definitely raise some Hell about it. They should have contacted you sooner, rather than you contacting them.

  2. That sucks!! I'm so sorry to hear this happened :( I hope you find a way to get it fixed.

  3. I can relate to this frustration, Melrose :(

  4. Ah jeez, what a bummer. I hope they make good with you by giving you some free stuff!


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