Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home for the Weekend

The list of stores I'm boycotting is getting ridiculously long. lol. I'm NOT a bitch, and I'm NOT hard to please when it comes to customer service. In fact, I'm pretty much a sales person's best friend. If you tell me something looks good on me, or if I buy a second item, this one's 50%, you have me sold.
I LOVE to shop in actual stores and have conversations about items and share my love or thoughts about pieces with others... so when i walk into a store and there are 5 people working on a sunday afternoon, and I'm your only customer, but instead you're all huddled around the cash register gossiping and giving sideways glances at my outfit (disapprovingly at that!) I feel like I have every right to contact your manager and spread the news about how evil your store is.
That's right, I'm talking about you LE CHATEAU in COLLEGE SQUARE, OTTAWA! Your service was crap, and I was prepared to drop a pretty penny, so instead i walked accross the street to the Guess Outlet and spent my hard earned money there instead :)

Now, the only time I worked in clothing retail was a summer at Dynamite ( i looooved it btw! so in my element... ), so if I'm asking too much, someone please tell me off and explain to me what customer service is like at your store. I just feel like the people who doen'treally enjoy what they're doing shouldn't be there.... but maybe thats just me?

On a much lighter note, here's another random outfit! I will be SOOO sad to leave Sympathy for the Rebel in Peterborough... I will definitely need to find myself an Ottawa alternative when I move back next month....or who knows? Maybe one day open my own boutique along those same lines? A girl can dream, right?

Worn Thurs, Apr. 8th:cardi - QED London (2010)
tee - H&M (2009)
skirt - thrifted @ Sympathy for the Rebel (2010)
tights - Express (2008)
kitten heels - Suzy Shier (2008)

And just because I'll be bleaving my milo-kittan again for 2 weeks, here's some cuteness:
No, tulips do not know how to attack. You're golden kitty.

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  1. I only worked retail for around a month, but I still subscribe to the "must-provide-good-service" notion. My co-workers were actually reprimanded for bad service numerous times. I know years of working retail can wear on someone but you still try to help everyone you can. That's just good customer service.

    Your outfit is super cute too. The old-fashioned bicycle necklace is so unique. Where is it from?


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