Wednesday, April 7, 2010

am i really done classes?

More lovely weather! I haven't yet mastered how to take photos in the blaring sunlight yet quite obviously... maybe I should work on that?
On the most wonderful note, I just had my last University class EVER! It's hard to believe I'll be graduating in a little under two months... they say it goes by so fast, and it really does.
*whew* now to catch up with a few outfits...

Worn Wed, Mar. 31st:
Where? Classes

cardigan - Old Navy (2009)
top - Made by Me (2008)
pants- H&M (2008)
wedges - Steve Madden (mine since 2009)

Worn Thurs, Apr. 1st:

Yeah I got real creative here apparently and wore something quite similar to the day before... oh well. it happens when you're too lazy to do laundry.

cardigan - Dynamite (2007)
tee - Smart Set (2009)
pants - Michael Kors (mine since 2010)
wedges - Old Navy (2010)
ring - Suzy Shier ($2, 2010)

In retrospect I don't like those wedges at all with those pants... ah well. Live and learn.


  1. oh I'm kinda obsessed with those wedges now!

    To answer your question, thanks for reminding me, when you sew the elastic to the skirt, try to use a small stitch, or you can repeat the whole stretch-and-sew process again with a zig-zag stitch for added security :]

  2. Checking your white balance on your camera should do it.

    I really like the wedges and the ring in the second outfit.

    Congrats on having your last class! I've still got a few weeks before summer, but the countdown is going by quick!


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