Sunday, April 25, 2010

hidden treasures

I'm thinking that these are probably the last of my "scenic" posts from Peterborough. Yeah... I kinda dropped the ball on that one, didn't I? Well what can I say, I'm not nearly as artsy as I had hoped.

Anyway, this time I ventured just north of Trent to the Trent/Severn waterway locks. They haven't re-flooded the river yet, and the rock beds were so pretty I couldn't resist. If ya squint real hard at that pic you can see the locks...

Worn Mon, Apr. 19th:

hoops - flea market (2010)
blouse - Mom's.. but now appropriated!
jeans - Dynamite (2007)
flats - Steve Madden (2009)

I really love this shirt. I found it in the basement last weekend when I was home in Ottawa cleaning out what used to be the "play-room." APPARENTLY we thought this was a piece to play dress up with. *sigh* if only i knew then what I know now...
My mother purchased this gorgeous silk piece back in the 70s from The Bay... if only the tag hadn't been ripped out! Anyhoo, I'm quite certain this will make its way into my regular rotation!


  1. That shirt is fantastic. It looks like it's amazingly floaty and soft. What a lucky find!

  2. This light pink top is fantastic! I love the shape, and it looks awesome with sunglasses and your hair up!

  3. I love these photos! And that top is so pretty!


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