Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Spinning.

I have an exam to write tomorrow morning at 9am... so instead of studying I'm blog-stalking and updating my own... sounds about right :)
I'm finally getting around to posting my pictures from Easter. Apparently I was very into twirling, but can you blame me with a skirt like this?

Worn Sun, Apr. 4, 2010:

cardigan - Dynamite (2008)
blouse - Dynamite (2010)
skirt - walmart (2009)
flats - Aldo (2009)

Worn Tues, Apr. 6th, 2010:
tee - Urban Planet (2010)
jeans - Dynamite (2009)
bracelet - Juicy Couture (2008)
heels - Madden Girl (2007)

I also got the proofs for my grad photos recently :) This whole being done thing is really staring to sink in... just 3 more exams and that's it. Crazy.
Maybe I should do that whole studying thing andmake these last few exams count...


  1. Wow! That is an amazing skirt, so cute!

  2. Super cute skirt! It totally lends itself to twirling. =D

  3. I can't believe that skirt is from Wal-Mart - it's totally adorable! You look rad in those high waisted jeans too! Congrats on almost being done!

  4. Skirt photos = CUTE!

    PS. Thank you for the "slightly awkward shy boy next door" comment. Made my day :)

  5. The pink skirt is so cute! love it!


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