Sunday, August 29, 2010

In My Shoes: Steve Madden Peep-Toe Wedge

These shoes were the first "big name" shoes I'd ever bought. I'd never even owned a pair of Aldo shoes before this! I remember them being $90 and slightly freaking out at the incredibly high price, but I was in love, and it was meant to be. I deemed them a birthday present to myself (a trend I would continue in future years) and brought these babies home with me from Montreal.
Imagine my dismay when in the months to come everyone from Spring to Walmart had knocked them off and I could have bought them for a mere $20.
They've definitely stood the test of time though. After 4 years of continuous wear the only visible damage is a couple of cracks in the patent leather. And they're SO comfy!

Outfits They've Been Worn With...


  1. I love looking back and realizing that the cost per wear of an item, that you thought was crazy expensive at the time, is actually really low! These look like awesome classics, the red is such a great punch of colour! xx

  2. The great thing about good shoes is the longevity. Those are definitely a great classic red shoe that will be fabulous for seasons to come.

  3. Melrose I think you wore them beautifully.
    Plus if you think of it, if you have worn them at least a 100 times in all these years, they are down to 0.90 cents a wear.
    Plus YOU had them before anyone else did.


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