Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That 70's Post & Some Lovely Lace

More procrastinating while at work... I'm quite good at that!
I couldn't help but pair this blouse with my high waisted pants. It reminded me of something Laurie would wear on That 70's Show, and I love me some retro styling. All it's lacking is a more obnoxious pair of platforms.
blouse - Joe (handed down from my aunt)
jeans - Dynamite (2008)
wedges - Chinese Laundry (2010)
bracelet - Juicy Couture (2008)

chandelier necklace - Thrifted (2009)
blouse - Suzy Shier (2010)
skirt - Dynamite (2010)
heels - Spring (2010)

Of course I had to pick up something lace for this season. I've seen it everywhere and I love the romanticism of it. Se delicate and flirty!
I also love that Milo wandered into this photoshoot. He gets quite nosy when I start snapping pictures... or really when I'm doing anythign that does not involve him. Cats have such personality.


  1. I really love that first look amazing in high waisted jeans...I love 70's inspired would be one of my favorite fashion inspirations

  2. You look killer in those jeans! I can never pull off high waists that well! And the lace in the second outfit is gorgeous, I love how romantic fall is going to be too.

    P.s Milo is adorable! And making me miss my cat and his large personality!

  3. I love the lace! I find it too sweet to fit in my closet, but I love it on other people. I love it paired with the shine in the black skirt.

    Also omg kitty! =3

  4. Your first look is so That 70's show!! I used to be obsessed with that show. You look amazing in the high-waisted flares. I've been thinking about pulling my flares out of hiding but haven't been brave enough yet. Skinny jeans are like comfort food to me. The second look is so pretty. I consider anything lace a must-have and would wear head to toe lace every day if it was socially acceptable!! xx

  5. Not anyone can pull such high waisted jeans properly, but YOU sure have.
    Nicely done.

  6. You're so right about that 70's show. I loved the funky retro styling of that show.

    I hope there is something like this in Ottawa. You know what, I am going to ask the program coordinator Gail McInnes about it. If there is anything, she'll know.

    Love from Toronto

  7. Goodness those high-waisted trousers look like they were made for you! Love them with the delicate blouse. And your Milo is adorable!


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