Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Girly Floral

Clearly my shopping ban was a huge failure...

dress - Smart Set (2010)
belt - Dynamite (2008)
heels - Spring (2007)

I wore this dress last weekend for a dinner date with J. I've debated wearing it to work, but I'm not 100% sure if it's work appropriate? Maybe with a blazer? Hmm I don't know... any other suggestions? I'd thought about a legging but that seems even less work appropriate to me. I don't just want to stuff it in the back of my closet all winter though. I love the pattern and was pretty impressed that I picked it out while shopping alone, considering I'm usually a neutrals kind of girl. Oh how blogging has made me branch out!


  1. Gorgeous dress! And I love the backdrop. It makes everything so light and airy! A structured jacket (blazer) will be more work appropriate. Probably add a closed toe shoe too, unless that's not a big deal for your work. I don't see leggings working well with that dress tbh.

  2. I think the top part of the dress looks quite work appropriate..and the length does while standing...but maybe not while sitting. I'm thinking that when the weather gets cooler you could pair it with black opague tights (not leggings) and black heels..and wear either a boyfriend blazer or a belted cardigan on top.

  3. Hi Melrose,

    It's Trishna here, from Tashrin. First of all I just wanted to say a huge thank you and send warm fuzzy feelings your way. You know why... :)

    Secondly I wanted to say I am so lucky to have discovered your blog. The main reason I started blogging is so that I could discover like minded ladies in my area/ province/ country/ world. And I found you....Yayyyy.

    I love this dress and in my previous work I would have totally worn it at least in the winter with a little cardi on top and opaque tights and boots.

    Looking forward to more and love from Toronto.


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