Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Shame!

I have been a most terrible blogger. Feel free to throw things at me. lol

Anyhoo, here are a few random outfits and a rant about Launch My Line:

Worn Fri, Jan. 8th:

cardi - BCBGeneration
tee- Dynamite
jeans - F21
leg warmers - Ardene
boots - Lime Light

I loveee this tee and have worn it far too many times since xmas. It's just so comfy! And who doesn't love looking like a rockstar?

Worn Sun, Jan. 10th:

knit boyfriend vest - Dynamite
long sleeved tee - F21
pants - H&M
booties - Aldo

So I don't know if anyone else has been watching Bravo's Project Runway replacement, Launch My Line, but it's pretty entertaining. It consists of individuals with no previous design or sewing experience who are competing each week with an experienced designer on their team to launch their own clothing line.
While I'm not a fan of handing a line to people who haven't been struggling to make it in the industry their whole lives, there are several things i do love - like the fact that every piece has to be part of the final collection, the fact that duh, its about fashion, and of course the hosts/judges Dan and Dean, the designers of Dsquared.
My rant?? Your 2 minute feature of Lady Gaga in the most recent episode?? unsatisfactory! scant! deficient! When Project Runway has a guest, their guest is involved in overseeing the project from conception to creation... she was absent. And i was incredibly disappointed as it was that brief clip in the show's promotions that have kept me watching to this point.
Bravo, I am not impressed.

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  1. I've caught some of Launch my Line. I couldn't get into it because everyone just acts so entitled and no actual work gets done because of it. It's a good idea poorly executed. Too much dramallama going on for me.

    Love your outfit for today. The vest/pants colors really go well together.


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