Thursday, January 21, 2010

6th folder, 6th photo

I finally got my camera back! Yaaaaay!
.. I may or may not have lost it while i was dancing up a storm at the bar last weekend.... thank goodness for good people. My love goes out to Rob who saved not only my camera, but me that night too.
Anyhoo, before I take some pics for today and head out to class I thought I would take part in this random "6th folder, 6th photo" thing. Tiffany over at I'm a Shoe Whore introduced me to the idea.. and honestly, browsing through old pics you haven't seen in years is awesome!

So here goes:

we may or may not have been slightly intoxicated.... and I can't really say i remember that girl on the far left of the photo.... Felicia? lol. I was never good with names...
the date on this photo is Feb. 13th, 2008. my goodness how people change in 2 years... and i kinda miss my bangs.

So now its your turn!
The rules are super simple: Go into your Pictures folder, count the 6th folder in and from there, the 6th pic in that folder. Can't wait to see what turns up!


  1. Hooray! I wish I had something to post but since this is a new(er) computer, I don't even have 6 folders yet.

    But this is a fun concept!

  2. Like Ecc3ntricCynic, I only have 5 folders so far - I recently changed operating systems. Good idea though - how long did you have the bangs? They're cute. :)


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