Saturday, January 16, 2010

Updating does not involve leaving bed :)

I have had a ROUGH few days. My body does NOT like me much, and I've basically spent the last 48 hours under the blankets. Go team me. Here's to hoping I feel better soon...

Worn Tues, Jan. 12th:

earrings - Le Chateau
gold dolman top - Dynamite
belt - Dynamite
bracelet - Bitten
boots - BCBG
bag - Aldo

Worn Wed, Jan 13th:

sweater - Charlotte Russe
gold & jade ring - GMa's
skirt - BCBG
tights - Ardene
mary janes - Spring (gift from Dad & Bren)

Worn Thurs, Jan. 14th:
vest - Dynamite
long sleeved tee - F21
cut off jeans - Bluenotes
(but cut by me... and slightly uneven lol)
tights & socks - Ardene
boots - thrifted

This is my attempt at the shorts and tights thing. I'm totally trying to channel Marie at Second Skin, she does this look so freaking well!
My version turned out ALRIGHT in my opinion, but i didn't do the best cut-job. I also need to invest in wool tights. I doubled up, but its still a bit chilly for Canadian winters!


  1. I love thursday's outfit!!

    I know how you feel about the staying in bed thing. Although for me, it's been closer to a week now.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Melrose, hope you feel better soon sweetie. Those outfits are so fab.

  3. Love those boots in the top photo and that skirt in the second! So cute! And I hope you feel better very soon!

  4. Uuuhh! the outfit with the purple tights is aaawesome!


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