Sunday, December 27, 2009

celebrate good times, come on!

I haven't died, i promise. The internet at my mum's house and I have been engaged in a battle of epic proportions. Hopefully the white knight who just arose on his steed of plastic and metal will put an end to this craziness.
Now lets try this again.....

I hope everyone had an incredibly fabulous Christmas! I know I did! minus of course this awful awful weather boxing day decided to bring... so much for boxing day shopping :( no crowded malls and door crasher deals for this year. Instead I got down to business and did some studying for my upcoming exam.
So leading up to today.... (or yesterday now....)

Worn Wed, Dec. 23:

Busy, busy day... lots of last minute shopping, and a squeezed in doctor's appointment.... *shakes fist* damn you thyroid gland! ...and i had to get blood taken. I know its completely irrational to be 23 and still terrified of needles, but i am.

scarf - gift from mom
cardigan - old navy (now on sale for $17)
tank top - F21
jeans - F21
boots- thrifted, Just Like New

Worn Thurs, Dec 24th:

blazer - Ricki's (on sale now for $39.50)
necklace - Spring
top - h&m
jeans - parasuco for smart set
booties- aldo

Tradition at our house involves going to midnight mass and then coming home to open gifts.
I would complain about the church bit (oh organized religion, how i loathe you), but it's just another excuse to don something cute!

faux fur - h&m
shirt dress - smart set
belt - dynamite
slip - ??? back of my childhood closet
tights - ardene
clutch - le chateau
heels - BCBG

i loved the gold and purple colour combination and am very happy i decided to keep this little shirt dress, even though i promised myself no more black.... just think of all the ways it can be remixed!

I have photos of my christmas day outfit as well, but i figured this is long enough, and I'll have more photos from festivus tonight anyways :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. That faux fur coat is amazing! And those trouser jeans look amazing on you. Hope you're having a lovely holiday.

  2. I love all the outfits, but I especially love the last one with the purple tights!! Very cute and appropiate for the holidays!!

  3. Hi Melrose! Love your outfits especially the first one. Gosh, I can't stay away from black too.


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