Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ack! I'm so behind! Haha. I headed up to peterborough for the last couple days to of course celebrate my Convocation! Pics on that soon, but for now I'll catch you up on some older photos!

Worn Wed, June 2nd:

fedora - Aldo (2010)
silk tee - Zia Carmela's (mine since 2010)
bag - Aldo (2010)
skirt - Urban Behavior (2009)

Can we tell I love the hat?
Haha, and it kinda looks like I smell something funky, but I assure you my backyard smells like a beautiful garden and that is just my lack of photogenic-ness!

Worn Mon, May 31st:

cardigan - Smart Set (2009)
tee - Smart Set (2008)
belt - Aldo (2009)
skirt - Sympathy for the Rebel (2010)
shoes - Spring (2006)

The weather has finally cooled down enough here in Ottawa to bring out some "spring" items before it becomes unbearably hot again. Hopefully it stays this way so I can pull out a few more light jackets and sweaters!
Now off to another family BBQ! Have a great weekend everyone!


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