Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Stroll Along the Corso

I can't WAIT to start work on Monday. Sure, summer's for lazy days, but I'm running out of things to do around the house! J's taken over the cooking, and while I occasionally help I still feel pretty useless, and cleaning is... well cleaning, and not exactly a super-fun way to pass the time. Thankfully work will start eating up 8 hours of my days and then maybe I'll feel more motivated to partake in my "relaxation activities" such as sewing... which I haven't done much of at all.. because really, what do I need the relaxation from?
J & I did, however, hit up the Italian festival last night which was pretty entertaining. We feasted on pampanella (a spicy porchetta dish) and gelato, and strolled down the "corso" while listening to Italian folk music and gazing longingly at all the Ferraris. I wish I had pictures to share, but clever me forgot the spare battery and of course as soon as I went to turn it on was informed that that just wasn't going to happen. I DO have an outfit picture though!

Worn Fri, June 18th:

top - Dynamite (2010)
skirt - Urban Planet (2009)
necklace - vintage (mine since 2009)
bag - thrifted Marc Jacobs (mine since 2009)
flats - Aldo (2009)

Once again, I realize I need a little more practice with the camera. I will take any photography tips for a plain ol' point and shoot!


  1. Cute top!

    My best tips and tricks:

    Shoot at slightly above waist height. Have as much natural light as possible (or any light), as flash tends to distort colors and shadow.

    Check and see if your camera has settings to allow for lower light settings or sunlight photos if you end up with over-exposed looking photos.

    Kasmira has some good info on indoor photos here:

    Your best friend is going to be your photo editing program. Minor tweaking of brightness and contrast can make a big difference. I've started using Gimp (a free photoshop like program) to bring up the levels of my pictures to get truer to life colors.

  2. I'm so jealous of that bag, it's awesome! Good luck starting the job, I'm sure you'll be fantastic, I loved your interview outfit :D

    Ripped Nylon

  3. Great summer look! I love the stripes and the way you did your hair! very chic!

  4. Good luck with your first day of work today!! I love this look. It's so polished and chic. Very classic! And I'm swooning over that bag. I can't believe it's thrifted! :)

  5. WHERE are those sunglasses from?! I love them!


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