Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is for BBQs!

Don't mind the playground in the background... For some reason, family parties always end up with random trips to the park. But seriously folks, where were these amazing structures when we were younger? I just remember these giant wood monstrosities with at best a slide, a fireman's pole, and some random swings.

Worn Sat, June 5th:
Where: Family Party

tank - Joe (2009)
vest - yde (2009)
jeans - Guess (2007)
belt as bracelet - thrifted (200?)
flats - Aldo (2009)

My Uncle insisted he needed 50 candles for his 50th birthday.
Happy Birthday Dan!

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  1. Haha, mentioning kid's playgrounds - when I was little I remember a play-area that had a gigantic dragon sculpture like thing that looped around in a kid's play park. It was the most fun place ever.

    You look pretty in turquoise~

    It looks like you're having a busy and fun summer.


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