Sunday, May 23, 2010

finally busting these babies out

Weardrobe fiends may have already seen this one as it was especially taken to showcase (and finally WEAR!) these amazing thrift store wedges (no clue on the make) for their current statement heel contest :)
And then you know... i forgot to take a full length shot, so you can't really see my wonderful gold belt or Carrie-esque nameplate necklace :(

Worn Thurs, May 20th:

romper - GT Boutique for $8 (2010)
belt - Dynamite (2008)
wedges - thrifted (2009)
necklace - anniversary gift from J (2010)

Haha, and yes, I realize how nakey I look in this picture, but when I'm not all pose-y the romper is actually a decent length! And now that I have a very basic one, I'm going to attempt to create a pattern from it and make some funkier styles.

I've also finished "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside!," and loved every sentence. From Kelly's tales of reading tarot cards on Venice Beach to handing muffins to homeless people in Central Park, she is thoroughly entertaining. But mostly, it is her call to arms for women everywhere to follow your passions and to discover your inner-self whoever that may be that is encouraging me to recommend this book to everyone and anyone who will listen.
And in the mean time, look up Mirra Alfassa, and read some of her works, you won't regret it! Kelly goes on and on about this woman, and I can see why. Such a spiritual woman, yet incredibly modern for her time.


  1. Super cute shoes!! I love them!!

    Also, to answer your questions about the eBay dresses, I think they are worth the shipping. I was alarmed by the shipping as well. To be honest, the fabric is not the highest quality fabric, but considering the price I think its not bad. If I could do it over, I would still buy the dress because I think the cute style and patterns make up for the not-so-high-quality fabric.

    I hope that helps! That's just my honest opinion :)

  2. Gorgeous heels! They look really familiar but I can't place them.

  3. Oh my those shoes are AMAZING!! Why does everyone else seem to have such great thrifting luck?? Perhaps because I hardly live in a City...and rarely go thrifting..but maybe if I came across amazing finds like this I would spend alot more time in thrift stores!!

  4. Fantastic outfit, amazing shoes!

    Ripped Nylon


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