Monday, May 17, 2010

A little dirt under my nails

Ah summer vacation. A time for relaxation....
or not.
This weekend consisted of mowing, weed whacking, zappare (which is italian for turning the soil, i think!), and planting.
I also learned a very valuable lesson after weed whacking my own leg... long pants are a good thing when working in the yard!

Gma's lovely backyard, and a view of the fruits of my labor!

Worn Sun, May 16th:
hahaha, oh my childhood bedroom with all the junk I've collected on my walls...
and yes, i own multiples of that same mirror. i may or may not have a slight ikea obsession.

tank - ??
plaid - yde (2009)
jeans - Silver (2006)

Not exciting at all, I know... but this has basically been my get-up for the last few days in many variations, so I figured hey, why not?
And don't I look tough? lol

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