Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fergie Ferg, yeah me love you long time!

As of tomorrow it will officially be a week since I've quit, and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again :) Its about time!
I'm going to be putting away the money that I would normally spend on my vices, and instead save up to buy a fabulous handbag around Christmas time to reward my efforts.
I'm thinking a classic Chanel quilted bag, or a signature Louis Vuitton satchel. Something that will never go out of style. What do we think?

On another note, I'm finally back in the swing of things, so we'll see how regular my outfit posts will become now that I'm out of excuses...

Worn Thurs, May 12th:
Where? Errands with Gma, and the Dentist

necklace - gift from J (2010)
cardigan - Dynamite (2008)
tee- H&M (2009)
high waisted jeans - Dynamie (2009)
platform sandals - Fergie (2009)

And of course my shoe detail....
I freaking love these... $80 at the beginning of last summer, WAY more than I usually spend on shoes but SO worth every penny.

*sigh* love.
Fingers crossed that one of the many shoe stores I applied to be assistant manager at calls me back! Gotta feed the habit some how...

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  1. Adooorable wedges. I love them with the high waisted pants.

    (Congrats on the one week! You can do it~)

  2. LOVE them shoes!!!! Cute outfit!

  3. Awesome shoes! And I wish you lots of endurance! Keep your goals in mind :)

  4. Super cute shoes!!! I think rewarding yourself with a classic bag is a great idea!! Also, good luck with the assistant manager position :)


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