Saturday, February 20, 2010


I absolutely love my program at Trent. Being a business major at a small liberal arts college has given me the opportunity to study aspects that I'm sure don't get as much attention in other schools, and lots of one on one time with world recognizable profs... the downside? The HR/Team building focus in EVERY CLASS! It's not that I don't like working in groups, I think the various points of view based on personal experience is incredibly necessary to come to a solid decision, I just hate FORCED groups. You know the ones... where it's required for some project or another and there are maybe one or two of you who are ready to get down to business, but everyone else is only there cause they have to be? Yeah. Those.
This brings me to my second complaint about the business world... the double standard of the leadership position. I can't help myself, when a situation looks like a baby-carriage stalled on the railroad tracks, I have to take charge. Blame my virgo-ness, blame my OCD, but these things need a plan, and i like to be the one making sure everyone is doing their part. Unfortunately, no one else likes it.
I've been in groups with male "leaders" who have been praised for their no-nonsense tactics and the way they "control" the kids who don't want to be there... but me? I've been shunt. lol.
It's just ridiculous to me that when a girl starts to show a bit of strength, and can stand up to others, the males get all... for lack of a better word, scared. They form clusters and conspire. Resort to things like rumors and name calling... so childish. And why? It doesn't help the group.... it sure doesn't help the project. Just admit that you were wrong, own up to it, and make things right from that point forward. That's how you earn respect.
I hope in the "real world" people are a little more adult.

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