Sunday, February 21, 2010

everybody lets take off our fancy pants tonight

Today is the last day of my last reading week ever. Kinda sad. And how to i get to "celebrate"? With a group meeting. As you could probably guess after my last post, i am not so impressed.
Ah well. I will be sure that when I get home I will spoil myself with a nice hot bubble bath, some homemade raisin cookies, and a cheesy, girly movie like Toothfairy (oh Dwayne Johnson, I secretly find you incredibly sexy, even if you will be wearing wings and sparkles).

Worn Fri, Feb. 19th:

necklace - ebay lot (2008)
cardigan - H&M (2008)
belt - Spring (2009)
skinny jeans - F21 (2009)
shoes - Spring (2007)

I have no idea why these photos turned out so dark, but no matter how much i fiddled with photoshop they just kinda looked... worse. lol.
Fortunately it decided to behave itself the next time I brought it out.

Worn Sun, Feb. 21st:
asymmetrical sweater - Dynamite (2008)
red belt - Costa Blanca (2006)
pants - Michael Kors (formerly Song of the Exile's)
heels - BCBG (2009)

I LOVE these pants! SO simple and classic, and fit my bum like a glove. There are so many pretty used pieces on her blog, you definitely need to check out Shop Exile Style.
I'm trying to determine whether or not I want to shorten these that extra inch (I folded them under in the pics). I like the cropped look, and I think it suits these pants cause they're a lil roomy in the leg. What do we think?

title courtesy of Fancy Pants by Lady Gaga


  1. Aww I definitely love the second look. The skinny red belt is so cute and you're right those pants are perfectly classic.

    The first look is awesome too. I can never get my cardigans to look right belted.

    Cheesy girl movies are the best for pampering.

  2. Great use of belts! I like the cropped style :)

  3. I love both of these looks! The belts totally change the whole feeling and silhouette. And your evening in sounds so relaxing and comfortable! I hope it was!

  4. Nice looks, very simple and classic!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog - it made me laugh and made my day. :)

    I really love your 2nd look and the pop of red with your belt.

  6. Pretty! I love this look. The cropped pants are very Audrey Hepburn.

  7. I think if you are going to hem them maybe you should taper them in a bit at the bottom to keep them from looking like flood pants


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