Monday, February 8, 2010

happy monday!

I figured it was time for some more outfit posts real quick before I head out to class, otherwise I will never catch up!

Worn Mon, Feb. 1st:

blazer - Ricki's (2009)
studded tee - Dynamite (2009)
skinnies - F21 (2009)
boots - Franco Sarto (2009)

This outfit could have used a necklace of some sort.... but i think i look funny in short necklaces... maybe I just need something that's less of a statement and more of a subtle sparkle?

Worn Wed, Feb 3rd:
tee - H&M (2009)
belt - Spring (2009)
necklace - Ebay (2008)
silk skirt - Sympathy for the Rebel ($10, 2010)
cowboy boots- Sympathy for the Rebel (2010)

The majority of this outfit was thrifted and pretty cheap. I have to say I am loving my new found skill, and am super grateful to an abundance of stylish ladies in this online community for showing me how stylish pieces i may never have glanced twice at before can be.
This old time-y bike brooch/pendant came in a random lot of jewelry I bought off ebay ages ago. I definitely learned my lesson though... it was one of maybe 2 nice pieces in a 10 piece set :(

Worn Fri, Feb. 5th:
top - Dynamite (2009)
knit vest - yde (2009)
chandelier necklace - Smart Set (2009)
skinny pants - H&M (2008)
booties - Aldo (2008)

Go Red For Women!
And sadly, this is the only red top I own! I know, I know, colour should be my friend...
but sometimes it scares me! deep jewel tones are about as adventurous as i get most days...

Anyhoo, time for 6 hours of redundant computer systems classes.
At least it gives me time to catch up on my latest gossip mag :)


  1. I love the first two pairs of boots !!

  2. Love the high waisted skirt. You look absolutely tiny!

    I think the sequins are just enough sparkle in the first outfit. Maybe some drop earrings for some more interest?

    I feel the same way about color. Red is a great color for you though.

  3. Oh, the Wednesday outfit and that whimsical necklace are stealing my heart! Beautiful!


  4. Those white boots are awesome and I love the sweet polka dot skirt! What a cute bicycle necklace too!

  5. Yes! I really love the outfit with the gray boots. And from that pose, I can tell you're feeling it, too.

  6. I looove the second outfit! the skirt is beautiful!

  7. I love that bicycle necklace! Nice blog. ( my fashion blog)


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