Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Concealing My Opinion

Aren't I a hoot?
Let's be honest, I have deep set eyes and olive skin, so dark under-eye circles are a HUGE issue for me. So much so that I put on concealer both before AND after my foundation.
Because of this, I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for a while now, and have a few opinions to share with you.

The Contenders:

Benefit's "BOI-ING", MAC's "Studio Sculpt", Smashbox's "Camera Ready"

I'm comparing these 3 products because they're all around $20, all mid-range products, and I've used them all for a while now. I took pictures to show you the difference, but a close-up, make-up free, picture of my face is NOT pretty! Hah.

1st Place: Benefit's BOI-ING
Honestly, I've heard the hype forever, and have tried the erase paste before, but never bothered to try this one. Now I regret not trying it out sooner! It is a little thick, but I think that only helps with the coverage. If you warm it up between your thumb and forefinger first it goes on beautifully. It feels light and not cakey at all... And did I mention how much I love all of Benefit's packaging?

2nd Place: MAC's Studio Sculpt
This formula is lighter and creamier feeling than the "boi-ing" but i also feel like it gives slightly less coverage and rubs off a lot sooner. Using a concealer brush does help a bit with the coverage issue, but I did find myself reapplying it several times during the day, regardless.

3rd Place: Smashbox's Camera Ready
Smashbox always makes great products - I especially love their Photo Finish Primers - so I bought this one first with high hopes. This one is definitely the easiest to apply because it's in a handy little roll-up tube like a lipstick, but i also found that it was firmer because of this and required a little extra blending when it was applied. I also found that it gave the least coverage over-all and needed the most layers during application.

Does anyone else have concealer recommendations?
Please note that this review is personal opinion only. I have not been contacted by any of the above mentioned brands, nor have I received any product free of charge.


  1. Thanks for this review, I am always always on the hunt for a good concealer and have been through a ton of them! I'm currently using a Cover Girl/Olay one but may need to try one of these!

  2. I am very similar to you! And I'm so sick of my dark circles, especially since they get so exaggerated during stressful times (well, like all the time, actually, lol). I've been using Cover Girl (I'm poor) but now I'm thinking it might be time for me to try Boe-Ing. Cover Girl barely covers my dark circles and at times, I think it makes it look worse! :S I'm tired of looking tired!

    Thanks for these suggestions/reviews. :)

  3. I have the same situation with my eyes and desperately need to learn more about concealers (and foundation). This info is a good start. Thanks!

  4. Well Melrose, I worked with Smashbox for a while and will always put the best word forward for them as they also make amazing products... so I am a little disappointed this one did not work for you.
    Did you try their
    Photo Op under eye brightener ?

  5. i have problems finding good concealers but i haven't tried benefit's yet! i'm going to remember to pick that up for sure!

  6. Boing is by far my favourite! I discovered it last year and have been loyally buying it ever since. Such an amazing product (and I am with you on the pretty packaging!)


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