Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Church Time

Last night I went to mass for Santa Lucia patron Saint of the Blind.
Now I'm not a religious person - I like to think of myself as more of a spiritual individual - but I did enjoy myself. My young cousins on the other hand did not.
It reminded me so much of when I was younger and dragged to church every Sunday with my mother. I hated it. And it probably has something to do with my current dislike of organized religion. But this got me thinking about time.

When you're young, time seems to stretch on forever. You can't wait for the next day to come and you feel like it always takes an eternity to get here. Maybe that accounts for why they find church so excruciatingly long? As an adult on the other hand, time just flies. There are never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything you plan to, and you dread the next day and the additional tasks it will bring. The hour one spent in church is nothing more than a blip at this point and seems far less boring. You listen to the stories, and the time passes quickly, rendering it far more tolerable.
Does that make sense?

What I wore to church last night...
Blouse - Vintage (mine since 2008); skirt - Smart Set (2010);
tights - Hue (2010); boots - Spring (2011)

You can check out my challenge progress here.


  1. Yes it makes sense! I feel the same way, it flies now for sure!!!
    Love that blouse!!

  2. That's such a pretty blouse.

    I remember how painful chruch was when I was a kid.
    Time does fly now. I sometimes wish for the stress free time of being a kid again... But with all the adult perks.

  3. How fab are those boots?! I love your hair in a top knot.

    Church still seems like a drag to me, but so does class. I hate any extremely long period of time where I can't leave without interrupting/offending someone! I am a very restless person.

  4. Very cute outfit. I love your shoes! They are amazing.

  5. i loathed going to church when i was a kid. i brought my game boy with me one time and got in trouble...atleast those 5 minutes i had it passed by fast! Now that I'm older, time does seem to's almost 2012, i can't believe it! Where did the year go?!

    On another your sunday best! the top is so cute, it seems like it would be a fun piece to mix and match with!


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