Monday, December 5, 2011

BT & Black

It's the beginning of Neutrals Week! (Thanks Kiki & Meg for putting this together!)
I thought it would be fun to combine this challenge with my own.

First up is Black. Easy enough.... until of course you go to get dressed and realize everything black you own is in the wash. Go team me.

2011-12-05 NW Black
blouse - Ricki's (2011); cape - LeChateau (2008); trousers - Gap (2010);
Heels - Aldo"Moos" (2010)

Other Ways I've Worn these Gap Trousers
Gap Black Trousers


  1. I realized I didn't have as much black as I thought. I knew I had a bunch, but much less than I realized.

    I love your black blouse. The print is cute, and the addition of the cape is perfect for cooler weather. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Fabulous trousers and love the polka dots!

  3. I love those trousers! I haven't been able to find a pair that I like!

  4. I really like your top, it adds a lot to a basic black outfit!

  5. I like all the ways you've styled these! I admit that I live in gap trousers for work, they just go with everything!

  6. I love those pants and I love that dotted top!!

  7. You look really elegant-I love all black ensembles but like how you added some polka dots for visual interest!


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