Thursday, December 1, 2011

BT: To Chop or Not to Chop?

Thank you for all the beautiful comments on my last post - you made my day :)
It almost makes me want to give myself a blow out and look like a glamazon every day - but then I realized that involves waking up early and applying effort and quickly dismissed the thought.

And now I will proceed to disappoint you with slightly frump photos...

I kind of want to chop the sleeves off of this cardigan... does anyone know how I would do that with such a thick knit without completely destroying it?

beltd cardigan + boots
cardigan - Dynamite (2008); LS tee - Old Navy (2010);
skinnies - Smart Set (2010); boots - Lime Light (2009)

Other ways I've worn this Dynamite Short Sleeved Cardi...
Dynamite Short Sleevd Open Cardigan


  1. I'm voting not-chop because my experience with altering knits doesn't go well, But if you know someone or how to ties off the ends to keep it from unraveling - go for it.

  2. really cool look. i think you should do what you think is right!

  3. The sweater is actually cute just the way it is. Maybe you could fold the sleeves in to make it look like a vest without cutting it? Love the over the knee socks.

  4. i really like this look, so chic! especially with the high bun, i could totally imagine you sittin in a cafe with huge sunglasses on, all fabulous and sassy. If you take the sleeves off, i would say go to a tailor so they can take it apart with out it unraveling, but if you can see the string connecting the sleeve to the body, then snip it!

  5. ps. it would be a super cute vest!

  6. CHOPPING it would give it a totally different look - my only concern is with that type of fabric/knit - I am not sure it would be an at home project.


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