Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shopaholics Anonymous

I miss shopping.

I know, that sounds pathetic. I just went on a trip a month ago where I bought far too much... but I'm pretty sure I have an addiction! Something about pretty new things just gets my heart racing.
BF and I went window shopping last weekend and I nearly had a meltdown because he (rightly so) talked me out of buying the most adorable sweater from the gap at 40% off.

Is there such a thing as shopaholics anonymous?

blouse - Jacob (2010); vest - H&M (2011); skinnies - Smart Set (2010); flats - Aldo (2011)

Also, has anyone else seen Coco Rocha's Jacob ads? They've made a commitment to stop retouching their models (not that she needs any anyways)! LOVE!!


  1. Wanna start a group? I need to stop or soon I'll be overflowing. Not to mention I have my mom helping by finding me new goodies all the time. Lol!

    Love your pretty boho blouse.

  2. and your shopping...too funny!
    I love the boho chicness of this look!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  3. I can be the president for this group! lol Seriously!!
    Love this outfit, beautiful blouse! xo

  4. I love how flowy this blouse is yet it looks structured with that vest !
    Well done :)
    Actually, NO I have not seen the ads but after i post this message I am going to check it .out.

  5. You look Fabulous! I Love the vest with the flowy top. I also have a shopping problem lol. I think it is a normal woman thing. If you really think about it... look how many fashion blogs are out there and almost all of the women that do fashion blogs shop and encourage it. A lot of the bigger blogs will have codes to save money at certain stores etc. Sorry for the long comment lol. I hope that people don't read my comment and find it offensive ( Shopping as a Woman Thing). It is just my opinion. I am one of those Women. Since I have started blogging and reading blogs I think that my shopping has increased. It is ok, I just budget a certain amount every month for shopping purposes and it keeps me out of Big trouble. I have to slow down my shopping too since I bought a house Argh!


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