Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Hurrah

Note to Self:
Just because I'm adoring a trend on the runways and in the magazines does NOT mean that it will look remotely similar on my 5'3, curvaceous frame. I finally made my way over to the new Forever 21 that recently opened in the Rideau Centre and tried on some tie-neck 70s-esque blouses that I had been coveting. Verdict? They made me look old and frumpy and added far too much volume to my chesticles, and lets be honest, I don't need any more attention drawn to the ladies.

So while I love the trend on others, this is one that I don't think I'll be partaking in.

Instead I decided to rework a piece that does work for me, a last hurrah in a summer maxi before packing it away for the winter months.

crop top - H&M (2009); maxi - Dominican (2011)


  1. Love the skirt! Such pretty colors :)

  2. I saved you a spot in the front row! On the left hand side near where the models come out!

  3. Great way of bringing the boho look. Remixing is always great instead of buying into trends that don't work for you. I can never get the loose blouses to look right on me either, they add to much visual weight. Don't let it get ya down, not everything works for everyone - but you certain rock the maxi!

  4. That skirt is fantastic!!! Such a great print.

  5. LOVE that skirt!! soo fab. i adore how you paired it with the simple t..perfect & effortlessly chic!

  6. Absolutely loving the maxi! Gorgeous fabric.


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