Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wanted: Awesome Photographer Friend :)

Awesome photographer friend to come take pictures of me on a regular basis, tell me how hot I look, and ask me to pose like a sexy tiger.

-Must possess an excellent vocabulary of adjectives to encourage me.
-Must not laugh at me when I inevitably look silly.
-Must be patient when I whine about how nothing is turning out.
-Must be able to brave the elements!
-.... oh and I guess knowledge of a DSLR would be a plus too, but not a requirement :)



  1. Aww you look so cute in that dress. Let me know if you find that photographer... my hubs still laughs at me while he's taking photos.

  2. I think you can find a photographer friend like that. I think it's really about finding someone who admires you for you really are. Some photographers try to dress people up like people who they are not. You're lovely; you'll do fine. Best ~ Graham

  3. Cute dress! I wish I had a photographer all the time, too. :p

  4. Cute dress! I need a photographer too! When my hubby's not around I use a tripod or beg whoever is over! lol

  5. Very cute Melrose !
    When you find that friend- photographer, pls send her/him my way.
    I also need a friend like that.


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