Monday, May 16, 2011

The disco ball on the ceiling looks like tha chain that I'm wearin'

We were totally teased last week with the beautiful weather! This past weekend was awful, cold, and wet. Seriously Spring, you need to make up your mind. Poor Coco does not like the rain at all. It makes house-training a whole lot harder too!

My step-mother lent me Brad Pattison's book "unleashed" yesterday on dog training and I'm already half way through it. He's such a clever guy, and very easy to read. While I don't agree with everything he says (i LIKE giving my little girl treats when she's done somethign I'm impressed with, and I hardly think it's fair to keep my dog off the furniture when my cat, Milo, has free reign over the entire house) I do completely agree with his thoughts on asserting yourself as the alpha in the relationship, and how dogs respond best to non-verbal commands. Coco's already a pro on her leash and definitely is aware of when she does something I don't approve of. Whether you have a dog at home already, or are even considering making the addition to your family, I highly recommend picking this book up.

Also, how bomb is this necklace I recently re-found amongst boxes of junk? Awesome, I know. I'll get a better shot of it next time, I swear.

tee - Winners (2011); jeans - Tommy Hilfiger (2011); discoball - LeChateau (2009);
wedges - Fergie (2009)

title courtesy of Good Charlotte's "keep your hands off my girl"


  1. Great outfit! LOVE those shoes!

  2. Your puppy is SO TINY! Adorables. Very classic outfit.

    My only comment on the couch issue is: so long as your pup learns some boundaries, I think the couch thing is negotiable. Goodluck on the training, you've got a little cutie there.

  3. Oh you have the cutest little puppy!! Good luck with the training. My dog basically rules the house..unfortunately, but she's gotten much better. I still let her on the couch and the bed though.

  4. Love that Coco tries to get into the shoot. Pugs are adorable and such sweet dogs. My parents have one that I adore.


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