Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monthly Money Check-Up: February

Hmmmm, so I may or may not have gone a little overboard with my February spending. Budget, what budget?
It was a very emotional month however, and I can't help but shop to make myself feel better. I know, I know, another addiction I need to get over... but there's just something about finding the perfect pair of shoes or bag that makes you gray skies seem blue again...


Maxi Dress - Dominican Republic Vendor ($50)

Floral Dress - Dominican Republic Vendor ($20)

Jean Shirt - Walmart ($12)

Big Floppy Hat - Walmart ($7)

Bag - Via Pom Pom ($35)

Tights - Hue via Pom Pom ($12.50)

Tall Boots - Spring ($25)

Ankle Boots - Spring ($28)

Grand Total = $189.50

Ashamed? Yes. In love with every single purchase? Hells Yes.

March Goals:
  1. Restrict clothes budget to $50. I'd get rid of it completely... but a girl's gotta shop!
  2. Contribute another $1000 to savings.
  3. Find a washer/dryer set for under $900 for my new place.


  1. Not bad! My budget went out the window in February too. Absolutely love the new bag.

  2. Guily for spending $190?! No wai girl! I think I probably spent close to that in just the past two days (although I've done good this month up until now). Good luck with your March goals, though. I'm really going to crack down myself next month...I'd LOVE to contribute $1000 to my savings, but I don't think I even make that much right now. :|

  3. No worries about the extra money spent! Sometimes you just have to splurge. Plus you plan on cutting down next month to make up for it, so it will all even out. I just bought a washer and dryer combo, only because Lowes had an amazing sale. My old dryer sucks but the washer is still good. It's old, so not energy star but it does the trick. If your interested, it's free!

  4. This is a Great Haul ! You got some really good deals. Not shopping is hard. It is nice to have a treat and splurge sometimes.

  5. that's pretty good, I think I spent the same amount of money buying stuff in Feb, love the shoes you picked out!


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