Friday, February 25, 2011

A Blogger Revelation

So APPARENTLY, when you actually take the time to use photoshop or GIMP and then flickr or picasa instead of just windows photo editor and the blogger picture uploader, your pictures can look like this:


Instead of this:

cardigan - Jacob (2010)
tee - Esprit (2010)
belt - Dynamite (2010)
jeans - Smart Set (2010)
boots - Spring (2011)

Who knew?
And it only took me a year and a half to figure out...
Now you can actually see DETAILS on my wicked-bad new boots!
All this time I thought it was my inability to use my fancy new camera...


  1. Cute boots! It does take some trial and error to find the right combo to make your pictures look their best. Hope the new way continues to work out for you.

  2. Oh wow-- what a difference!! Love the boots and the look!

  3. Those boots are Great ! Hope you are doing well !

  4. WOW, awesome work, keep it up! I love that dark wash denim!

  5. You look super tan...what's going on up there, eh? Send some sun down to IL wont you?


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