Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Which I discuss Pug Farts

Poor little Coco was spayed, micro-chipped, and had three teeth pulled yesterday... What a trooper. 

I was told she'd be lethargic, a huge suck, and over-all a whole new puppy - for the better of course. 
This was not the case. She's still a nut-job.
And it might just be her meds - but she's even stinkier than usual. I don't know what it is about this dog, but she can clear a room like it's her job. Is it all dogs whose farts smell like death, or is this a pug specific problem? Haha.

I'll try to be less gross with my topics in the future... but no promises.

2012-04-05 01
 vest - H&M (2011); tee - Smart Set (2011); skinnies - AE (2011); 
wedges - Chinese Laundry (2010)


  1. I dunno my in-laws dog smells so bad I hold my breath when I pass him. Ugh.

    Stinky pups aside - you look super cute. I love your wedges.

  2. Pugs definitely have stinky farts! My mom's pug can clear the room real quick too... its amazing that such a stink can come out of such a little dog.

  3. Haha, you crack me up.
    Well, mine don¡t fart much but they burp a lot!

  4. Such a cool outfit :)

    now following you!


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