Friday, June 3, 2011

Monthly Money Check-Up: May 2011

Clothing Budget: $100
Actually Spent: $236


Verdict: BAD GIRL!
Although I love everything I bought and see them fitting into my wardrobe well, I did go a little overboard. I blame the sudden change to warm weather and the fact that nothing from last summer fits anymore. Also, that trench was a crazy deal marked down from $150. I would have been crazy to pass that up, it's a classic!

Other Frivolous Spending of Note:

Art & Shelving for the house: $97
Spoiling the Animals: $72
Savings Contributions: $250

Future Goals to Save for:

Jersey Shore August 8th: $0/$800


  1. I like the trench the most :)

  2. Those shoes are adorable- worth going over budget! I spend as much as you spend in the whole month in one day of shopping- whoopsie!


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