Monday, June 13, 2011

I thought I'd posted this.... I really did...

Between studying for my exam last Saturday and welcoming the boy back from Europe, I have been super busy these last few days, so pardon my absence!
Yesterday was St. Anthony's day here in Ottawa, the official start to Italian Week in Little Italy. It's an event I go to every year, and absolutely love. It starts with an outdoor mass and then a huge parade down Preston Street. Basically every Italian in the city attends and dresses up. It's practically a fashion show, and I love it. While I didn't get a shot of my own outfit (shame on me!) I did manage to snap a few shots of some really pretty looks, including a few of the individuals participating in the precession in their period costumes.

Despite being incredibly tired after a long day out in the sun, I had the sudden urge to reorganize my closet last night. I feel like I can finally see everything in there, which is super exciting! I did, however, take off the door, and while I do enjoy being able to see my handiwork right now, I'm sure that will eventually bother me. If anyone has any suggestions on how to creatively solve this problem, I'm open to suggestions! My room has a black & white theme with a slightly vintage (based on my refurbished furniture and empty picture frame jewelry holders) feeling to it.

walk in 01

walk in 04


  1. Beautiful closet! I wish I had a walk-in one!!! One day......

  2. Sounds like a fun event. As for the closet, look for a fun fabric in a graphic print that goes with your decor and make a curtain that can be left open or closed.


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