Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just a Generation Gap?

I know I rant about work incessantly, but give me a minute, I’m going somewhere with this…

Whenever I mention the monotony of my job to anyone of an older generation I am met with the same response: all jobs are like that; repetitive and eventually boring, and there will inevitably be people you don’t like working with.

While I guess I can agree that I won’t always like all of my coworkers, it sort of depresses me to think that no matter what, I’m doomed to a life of ultimately hating my job.

Is it this generation that has the attention span of a goldfish, and therefore can’t put up with being bored all the time?

Is it our lack of work ethic? I know I didn’t have to till the fields in the hills of Italy like my grandmother, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

Am I being completely idealistic in thinking that there is actually a position out there that will keep me entertained for more than a year?

What are your jobs like, readers? Can you relate to the boredom, or have you found what fulfills you in life? How do you keep things fun and fresh in your professions?


  1. Oh Dear, I can relate to you perfectly. People always tell me that issues like 1) coworkers not doing thier part 2) bullshit work politics 3) boring mindless daily rut and 4) feeling like work is meaningless is everywhere. It makes me want to cry. Looking for a better job seems pointless when everyone complains. Trying to make current working situations seems pointless when veterans are telling you it's been the same shit for 30 + years.

    Maybe it's our generation who grew up with different ideals and expections. Yes we seem to have a short attention span, but also we are creative and desire change for improvement. I don't know. I've only been in the career game for four years but I'm already wanting to retire. I guess we just need to come up with an Awesome business plan and be our own boss.

  2. My job is terribly boring! All jobs that I have had are very boring. The only way that I can spice up my work day is to wear cute clothes and shoes and to treat myself to Starbucks twice a week. Another way is to look forward to shopping a little on payday lol.

  3. This cartoon made me crack up- being an intern or in an entry level job can be so demeaning! I just started a new job 2 DAYS AGO and I already dislike it! The people, the work, the way I'm treated, I am worried I will never find a job I like! So to beat the boredom, I'm going back to school to give myself some more time to figure it out!

  4. I think that it's normal to be bored. We youngsters are used to go-go-go-- always moving, always learning thanks to technology. MOST of us DO have a good work ethic, but since we're sued to the every changing lifestyle, things that we do daily are monotonous. Maybe that's one reason fashion bloggers try to go without wearing the same outfit twice?

    Anyway, I like teaching, BUT I do not like today's youth. My sixth graders are the meanest bunch of 12 year olds I have ever met. I also don't like that the world seems to be blaming teachers for the reason our youth are not as smart as the past.... Teaching 34 kids in one classroom how to write a persuasive essay is nearly impossible. But I'll stop, because now I'm complaining about MY job. :)


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