Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Black... and White.

I am absolutely LOVING my new house

These last few weeks have been a huge pile of crazy, but I’d be lying if I said that it’s been anything short of wonderful. Unpacking is tiresome but exciting at the same time. Finding new places for things, getting reorganized, and picking up little odds and ends has been fun for someone like me who loves such things, yet there’s still so much left to do! You always underestimate I think how much things will cost and how much space is needed to house your odds and ends. To top it all off I have my second of four exams tomorrow morning so I’ve been squeezing in studying time all over the place. Of course, I’ve still been getting dressed every day (yes, I’m doing all this without taking a single day off work), but all my free time has gone to that instead of blog stalking like I would much rather be doing. I know I’m behind on both a Monthly Money Check Up post and a new Blog Stalker, but once things calm down around here, I’ll get right back on track.


vest - Dynamite (2009)
tee - F21 (2009)
trousers - Mexx (2010)
heels - Guess (2007)

I'll be visiting you all soon!


  1. Wooo! Congrats on the new house. Love the pink pumps, can't wait til you're back in the swing of things. I've miss ya!

  2. Pink, pink heels! Looove this entire outfit!


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  3. So jealous of your house! I wish I was moving into my own place instead of another apartment... Love the pink heels and the blue vest.

  4. So glad to hear you're loving your new house- such an exciting new phase in your life! I am LOVING this outfit-especially the colour contrast of the vest and heels! Good luck on your exams- 4 in one day- crazy!!!!

  5. This is great! I love the blue vest and the heels work really well in that shade, too.
    I'm glad you're liking your new place, too!


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