Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Time to Unleash Little Miss Home-Maker

Another day, another dollar. Or dollars. Whichever.

Is it too early in the day to say I'm ready for a nap? Because I definitely am. I feel like I'm constantly busy, but there's still so much to do! You should see the house right now, it's actually quite disgusting, and I'm having company on Friday night for a BBQ! I'll be in power-clean mode tonight for sure.

I'm also going to attempt to make some cupcakes. Is it tacky for me to make dessert for my own birthday party? I think everyone will appreciate the sweets.

As if I'm going to be 25.
As if I'm going to be 25 and still use expressions like "as if."

blouse - H&M (2011); jeans - Tommy Hilfiger (2011); heels - Spring (2006)


  1. Love the shoes! Very cool outfit! rock it. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Love your lip color. I see the pup still managed to get a little tail in your photo!

  3. Not tacky at all! I make my own cake every year...I think that's how it goes as we get older. However 25 is super young so enjoy! You look beautiful as always! happy birthday

  4. Love the color of those jeans!

    And baking for your own party isn't tacky at all! Everyone will love you for it!

  5. Well if you make them you'll know you'll love them!

    Sometimes naps are necessary!


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