Monday, July 25, 2011

A little Self-Love

Why do we insist on comparing ourselves and our bodies to other girls we know?
By no means do I think I'm "fat," but I do think I'm a little curvy. I'm not that 5'8 tall, leggy, blonde with the perfect abs and boobs! I'm petite little me with the large
"humps" and junk in my trunk. And when I act confident, I know I own it.

So let's rejoice in a little self-love!
What I'm lovin' about me today?
My super-thick, extra bouncy, does whatever it wants to, hair!

cardigan - Dynamite (2011); tank - Winners (2011);
skinnies - Tommy Hilfiger (2011); flip flops - Aldo (2011)


  1. You look amazing! and your "curves" are banging so own it sister! ;)

  2. Love the self love! Confidence is way better than a perfect body...although I'm not sure what defines a perfect body...

  3. Girl, you look insanely amazing. I think you and I have gone through similar body/weight fluctuations, so I totally know where you're at. Besides, I think you make a better you than you'd make a leggy blond. ;D "Perfection" is a ridiculous idea, because no one is perfect. Confidence and self-love are so much more important and are better goals to reach for.

  4. Have you ever seen flight of the conchords? You totally should. "leggy blonde" is one of the songs they do, its hilarious. Make that your next download mmkay!! p.s you look hawt. And don't ever compare yourself to skinny blondes, do you want to lose those boobies!? I didn't think so!!


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