Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ottawa Fasion Week S/S12: Day 1, Part 2

Alright, bare with me people, I'll try not to take forever to get through this!

So after the first intermission (which was more than an hour... and only got progressively worse...) it was time for Micalla and Anomal.

The Micalla show started with a touching story about how Danish born designer Camilla Jorgensen used to go visit her friend who was getting chemo treatment and they would make jewellery together. Fortunately, when her friend recovered, the jewellery making stuck. Make no mistake, all the pretty glitter is from precious jems, gold, and swarovski crystals. I especially loved a shawl that was completely decked out in rhinestones (someone's head decided to get in the way for those shots...) and the harness-esque pieces.


Next up was Anomal (which conveniently sells on Etsy!). There are no words to describe my love for this collection, but i'mma try anyway! Uhm.... gooorgeous? The spring/summer line showed a definite asian influence with a dash of over the top glamour. love. The details were to die for and I loved the mix of textures. My favorite pieces were the purple jumpsuit contrasted with leather, a leopard print one-shouldered maxi, and a fabulous sequined kimono-like number.


After the second break we got to see a line from Simon Ekrelius from the UK. I'm not even going to pretend I understood his collection. Sometimes "fashion" escapes me. Sure, there was a piece or two that was wearable and pretty, like the pleated grey sack-dress, but the majority of it was just... odd to me. I know I'll get some flack from the fashionistas when I say this, but the plastic pods, haphazardly grommeted together pieces of fabric, and the dress shirts with collars on the shoulders (see below) were (in my opinion) totally unwearable. Maybe I don't have an appreciation for the "avant-garde" yet... but I like my fashion to be functional.
I did however fall madly in love with the Aldo Calcagni red wedges that stomped down the runway in this show.


Last but not least, we saw an outerwear collection by RUD by Rudsak. Really pretty leather pieces and trenches piped in contrasting colors are the perfect toppers for any fashionable outfit, and they came out in spades. So pretty. BUT, conversely, had me asking if this was the right show to close the first night. I understand that it's one of the better known brands and that it's readily available and most definitely wearable, but I expected the first night to go out with a bang, and this was more of a dull thud. That being said, when I'm looking for a new leather bomber next spring, I will definitely look here first.

Rud by Rudsak

Despite minor disorganization (which is understandable for a first night at a completely different venue), day 1 was a success. Stay tuned for coverage of the last two days.


  1. so cool! checking out the etsy shop next! ;)


  2. Mmm, I really like the second collection. I checked out the Etsy shop...I so wish I could afford it!

  3. Nice looks!


  4. How fun! It's awesome how much the Canadian fashion scene has been growing! I have yet to go to an actual fashion week (bummer!) but hopefully will get to change that soon! xx

  5. Those Anomal pieces look amazing!!! I have to check them out :)

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. I know its fashion but i am actually admiring the hair dos. Specially the braided ones....


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